Traffic Violations

Soleimanian Law TrafficYou don’t have to just sit back and take a traffic ticket. Even if you’re fortunate enough that the fine is just a mild nuisance, there’s still a sense of injustice when you’re unfairly singled out or the officer just gets it wrong. No matter how big or how small an alleged traffic violation is, you have the right to contest it in court. Our firm helps defend drivers against all traffic charges including the following.


Traffic judges have a reputation for believing the officer no matter what, but that doesn’t mean there’s no way out of a speeding ticket. If radar, laser, or pacing devices weren’t properly calibrated or weren’t used correctly, the judge has no choice but to dismiss the ticket. Other defenses, such as inadequate speed limit signs or the officer not locking on to the correct vehicle in traffic, are also frequently available. Even when you can’t beat a speeding ticket outright, we can often find ways to get the fine or points reduced.

Red Light Cameras

California allows red light cameras, but drivers still have rights. The companies that operate these ticket machines are required to keep them in good order and ensure that they only capture actual violations. Each ticket must be carefully reviewed before it is issued, and the driver must be properly identified. Judges know red light camera operators often cut corners and are willing to listen to your defense.

License Suspension

If you receive a major traffic violation or have several violations within a short period of time, your license may be suspended or revoked. Your first option is to fight the traffic charge or to push for a reduced sentence. If that fails and you lose your options, it isn’t the end of the road. You may still be eligible to seek limited driving privileges so that you can get to work or school and not have a ticket ruin your life.

Trial by Declaration

You may not even need to go to court to beat a ticket. California law allows you to submit your defense by mail, and we can help make sure yours is solid. Even if you can make it to court in person, you should still file a written defense first, because if you lose, you have the right to request a new trial in person.

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