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Debt can be like quicksand — the more you struggle, the deeper you fall in. If you’re drowning in monthly payments and ever increasing interest charges are keeping you from reducing your debt, bankruptcy may be right for you. While bankruptcy will hurt your credit in the short term, it can give you a fresh [..]

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Traffic Violations

You don’t have to just sit back and take a traffic ticket. Even if you’re fortunate enough that the fine is just a mild nuisance, there’s still a sense of injustice when you’re unfairly singled out or the officer just gets it wrong. No matter how big or how small an alleged traffic violation is, [..]

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Civil Litigation

Are you involved in a dispute with a business, insurance company, or landlord? No matter how challenging a case is, we aren’t afraid to take big corporations on and help you be treated fairly. When no one else will stand up for your rights, we will fight for you without giving up. We help Los [..]

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