The Law Offices of Hamid Soleimanian offers multi-dimensional and faceted expertise in civil cases. We handle bankruptcy, civil litigation, traffic matters, personal injury claims, and many other types of disputes.

We pride ourselves on not being intimidated from taking on even the most challenging of cases. If going to court was easy, you wouldn’t need a lawyer, so we won’t abandon you when you need us the most. We believe in taking a conscientious approach and fighting for your rights without ever giving up. We’ll try to get you a fair settlement, but we’re prepared to take your case all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary.

Principal attorney Hamid Soleimanian is well known in Encino and the surrounding Los Angeles area — you may recognize him from spots on local T.V. and radio shows. He has earned a reputation for helping those who are unfamiliar with the local legal system and who may not speak English well. As a native-born Iranian, Hamid speaks fluent Persian and regularly assists the local Iranian community. He also offers services to anyone else in need of an attorney who will stand up for their rights.

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